Exploiting the power of technology in special education to improve educational opportunities for children, youth, and adults with disabilities.

Solving the Grading Puzzle for Students with Disabilities
by Dr. Dennis D. Munk

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While students with disabilities often spend the majority of their instructional time in general education classrooms, their grades may not adequately reflect the effort, achievement, and progress they have made. In this groundbreaking book, author Dennis Munk outlines a research-based system for school-based teams to use as they seek to demonstrate the academic gains made by students with disabilities. A practical guide for teachers, administrators, and parents, this book will help navigate the philosophical, ethical, and practical complexities associated with designing equitable, effective, and meaningful grading systems. Numerous real-life case studies and reproducible grading adaptation tools facilitate research-to-practice implementation efforts.


Section 1 Foundations

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of grading issues

Section 2 Developing Grading Adaptations

  1. Perceptions of what grades, can, should, and do communicate
  2. Grading adaptations
  3. Evaluating grading adpations

Section 3 Implementing Grading Adaptations

  1. Prioritizing content and related assignments
  2. Adjusting the components of a balanced grading system
  3. Measuring and grading progress on IEP objectives
  4. Measuring and grading improvement
  5. Changing scales and weights

Section 4 Communicating Grading Adaptations

  1. Issues in calculating and reporting student grades
  2. A plan for developing Personalized Grading Plans
  3. Grading issues in the news

Appendix A Case Study: Tania
Appendix B Reproducible Tools

Solving the Grading Puzzle for Students with Disabilities
Copyright 2003
194 pages
ISBN 0-9708429-7-x

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